ecuadorian bus charter Guayaquil motor coaching company
ecuadorian bus charter Guayaquil motor coaching company
ecuadorian bus charter Guayaquil motor coaching company
ECUADORIAN BUS CHARTER - Compania de alquiler de buses y vehiculos en Guayaquil y Ecuador tour operador Propietario de buses de turismo y servicios de transporte

Our experienced drivers: They are true professionals of the road that ensure an irreproachable conduct. A staff member with solid experience, lots of training, conscientious, responsible, and who knows his duty. A friendly travel partner, proud to be among the drivers of Ecuadorian Bus-Charter.

An example of legal compliance: The security is guaranteed by respecting the laws. And we go even further: We do respect the european driving times and rest periods for the drivers. We are the reference in the field, and are an example of proven righteousness.

Systematic maintenance: Preventive and regular maintenance in our oficial garages are delivered by our expert team of mechanics.

A high level of technological equipment: The latest tech developments are included in our vehicles, like: ABS breaking system, ESP regulating the differential wheel speed, a retarder VOITH, an onboard computer limiting speed at 100KM/H, Turbo engines up to 380 hp.

Social and Ecological: As World Green Destination, it is our duty to involve, show and preserve local communities as well their habitat by providing them with different revenues linked with tourism activities.

Coach Standards.-

Comfortable seating:
All our coaches have adjustable reclining seats for you comfort and convenience. The aisle seats can be moved into the aisle of the bus in order to enlarge the space and increase the comfort of each passenger. Each seat is provided with seatbelts and individual reading lamps.

Panoramic windows:
Giant panoramic windows offer a great view to all sides of the road. Double glazing avoids the steaming up of the windows and allows a clear view for photographers throughout the whole tour.

Air Conditioning and high performance heating:
Above each seat there is a ventilation system which can be adjusted by each passenger individually according to his personal needs. For this reason, all vehicles are non smoking, even for our drivers!

Baggage space:
The baggage space in our coaches is completely separated from the passengers' area. The size is always designed to offer ample of space for the luggage of all passengers on board. Hand baggage can be stored above the seats. Furthermore we offer trailers for extra baggage on request.

Entertainment on board:
For the entertainment of our passengers, all our coaches are equipped with a stereo system. Passengers' tapes are welcome. Furthermore, a large number of coaches have a DVD/video system for the special distraction of the group.

ABS and 2 independent secondary braking systems, compliance with EU roll-over legislation, road speed limiters, Ultra smooth fully independent air ride suspension (only for coaches), oxygen tank onboard. We're the only company with 3-point seat belts.

Further facilities:
All our coaches have a toilet on board a refrigerator and a coffee maker to offer refreshments during the course of the tour (except 20-seater minibus).

All our vehicles are daily cleaned meticulously in order to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Drivers Safety & Training.-

Our Coach Company knows how important safety is to our potential clients. Our top priority is to earn your trust with our proven means of ensuring your safety.

Drivers undergo rigorous pre-employment screening and testing:

• Check for current up to dated License and Medical approval
• Driving record background check
• Previous employer performance checks
• Technical skills training
• Customer service skills training
• Maintain on-going random drug and alcohol screening
• Conduct regular driver safety and training programs
• Adhere strictly to all National safety regulations.
Awarded the highest safety rating by Ecuadorian Department of Transportation
• Strict adherence to European Hours of Service Regulations:
– Maximum 10 hours driving per day
– Maximum 15 hours on-duty per day
– Minimum of 8 consecutive hours off-duty between days
– Supply multiple drivers when itineraries exceed these requirements.
• Daily inspection of each vehicle with written verification of inspection
• Routine physical inspection of all systems every 5000 Km (3200 Miles), with a complete preventative maintenance schedule.

ecuadorian bus charter Guayaquil motor coaching company
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